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Why become a Popularium Creator?


Let’s be absolutely clear about something - we are not soliciting ideas and asking for articles or stories and just going ahead and mindlessly publishing them. We’re not going for volume.

We’re focused on quality.

Popularium is built on the belief that quality storytelling comes from great collaboration.

That’s where the process comes in. We believe that the future of advertising is The Truth. It’s that simple. We are looking for great storytellers who want to tell real stories that involve products. We’re working closely with them to ensure that their story is told in a thousand words or less with the most raw power and soul so that people are moved. So that they are sucked in and can’t shake the words, the imagery, and most of all - the heart of the story.

When we publish a story, we’re proud of it. We’re proud because we worked just as hard as our Creators to make it great. This is why an Editor works one-on-one with every Creator throughout the entire development process - from treatment to published story. This is why we encourage our Creators to strive to become Editors. So we can all make the work better. That’s what the point of this is: to make something amazing that lasts. Our focus is on great stories that are evergreen and will resonate for years to come.

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We only publish what is ready. If it’s on the site, we all feel good about it. Our Creators, our team, and ultimately - the viewership. This is a different type of user-generated content. You have to work hard. There are plenty of sites where someone can just slap something up. We are not that site. We don’t want to force our viewers to sift through lackluster stories. We want to ensure they get what they came for - the best possible story our Creators can generate.

Creative Freedom

We’re not here to tell you what to write, only to help you write it. That said, this is a site about our real relationships with products. Read the stories, you’ll see products are not shoved in the viewer’s face. The team here love great products. We love telling stories about our lives and how these products are a part of them. But forget every commercial you’ve seen - instead picture your greatest moments, or worst moments, or the moments you almost had. Let’s be honest, there are lots of products being sold today that are cheap disposable garbage. Call that shit out if you feel so inclined. The good, the bad and the mediocre. It’s your story.

We do have experience categories we’re starting with. These are Love, Play, Read, Speed, Watch, Listen, Toke, and Drink. Everyone has experience with these things, and products that related to them. Write your story.

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We want to be transparent with you. We’re a new startup. We’re super early stage. You know, ‘sleep on the floor, work all the time’ shenanigans.

But that’s our problem. We don’t expect anyone to work for free. We’ve spent a lot of time analyzing the industry and come up with a compensation structure that is aligned with what we are seeing out there. We’ve also taken it a step further, because we’ve focused on incentive compensation based on how well we work together, how well your story resonates with our audience, and how good your reputation becomes on the site.

Creators can make anywhere from $10 to $85 per story. The average is probably closer to $30. The key is, anyone can make the higher amounts, if they (you) want to work harder, submit more treatments, master our format, really groove with our Editors, and resonate with our audience.

By paying Creators, Popularium owns all stories and rights. This is important, as we need to be able to use the story however we can to help us grow our viewership and get brand visibility.

Be a part of the Future

If you haven’t gotten this yet, we believe this is the future. That’s why we’re working so hard to create something amazing and different and have such high standards. We’re tired of being told that attention spans are shorter, people have become less intelligent, and no one wants to work hard or spend time really digesting ideas or stories. That’s all bullshit. Society is not lazy. Reading makes you smarter. That’s a fact. People are actually getting smarter; we have higher tolerances for serialized content, more patience, and are more evolved and tolerant of one another.

We also trust one another more than we trust brands, agencies, and especially the media. Popularium asks that you tell the truth. You’re not here to pitch products. You’re here to pitch your story. That resonates with people. There is something about a great story that makes you see the world a different way.

Products that no traditional advertisers are pimping - weed, sex toys, classic cars, board games. These categories are growing exponentially. Why? Because we’re all telling one another about them. Finally, we’re starting to live in a world where we believe experience over hype.

And we’re asking you to be a part of that experience as an active participant in a paradigm shift of epic proportions.

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Sometimes it feels like the world could give two shits about your story. That’s why we have a community for our Creators to hang out online and shoot the shit. To talk about ideas, experiences, and help one another find inspiration. Getting a story published is a big deal. We want you to make it and feel like it’s a big deal. This isn’t a trick. We’re proud of the work. We want to celebrate this work as a community.

What Popularium Creators are saying...

Tonya Smith's avatar

“When I first heard about Popularium, my initial thought was “So I can do a bunch of really cool fun shit and get paid to write about it? Absolutely yes, sign me up!” but it's become so much more than that. While I can tell a story about a great night out, I can also tell the stories that matter to me. Popularium has given me a platform to talk about the important aspects of my life like discovering my sexuality and supporting my partner through gender transition. We celebrate the differences that make life interesting through each other's stories. Popularium puts power back in the hands of the consumers to talk about the way products really matter in our lives, but more than that it lets Creators tell stories with an impact, and shed light on the connections that bind all of us together as a society.”

Tonya Smith
Debra Kahn's avatar

“We all have stories to tell, but I did not really have an outlet for the telling until I connected with Popularium. I love the prompts that help the writer consider components of a good story, and have experienced really spot-on editing from the creative staff of Popularium. Bruce Springsteen has been a big part of my life, especially in my early twenties, and writing about him transported me back to my life in Chicago when I was young and pretty idealistic. It reminded me that a young person is still in me, and to relish and honor that spirit of my youth. Having an outlet to write about a personal experience is a gift. It reminds us that each of our stories are important. “

Debra Kahn
Jennifer Nye's avatar

“Popularium has given me a new voice. Not being a writer as so many others are, I have the opportunity now to tell stories that I would not have been able to otherwise. I find it is easier to write down your feelings instead of vocalizing them and to share one’s inner self is liberating. Mostly, I feel like a part of the Popularium family by reading about the other Creators’ life experiences. Thank you Popularium for inviting me to the party.”

Jennifer Nye
B.E. Howard's avatar

“Everyone takes a unique path through life, full of personal and life shaping experiences. Occasionally, our paths intersect; and when we’re lucky, they intertwine. Popularium is that beautifully landscaped junction where you realize that you have more in common with people you’ve never met. It’s deeper than having similar tastes in movies, or fashion, or hobbies. It’s discovering WHY you share that common ground.”

B.E. Howard
author of Play or Pay
Sean Harrington's avatar

“I've very much enjoyed the originality of Popularium’s approach as it's allowed and encouraged me to write however I like. The support and feedback from my editors and colleagues has also helped me greatly with the writing process.”

Sean Harrington
Ariana Kat'z avatar

“Writing for Popularium is a way for me to express my lived experiences grounded in the products with which I interact. I strive not to be too much of a consumer but it is inevitable that there are products that I use, and products that I love. And, let’s be clear, “product” is a loose term. I love to travel and am privileged to get to travel for my job as well; I am excited to be able to share stories of the places I stay and things I experience around the world. In the end, though, I write for Popularium because it’s fun! I get to share with you stories about my life and the things I use and experience that hopefully you can relate to in some way.”

Ariana Katz
Maxim Beeching's avatar

“All the crazy weed smoking stories I’ve told in bars a hundred times, all the ridiculous characters I met growing up in Atlanta, all the shenanigans we lived through: I get to tell it to the world.”

Maxim Beeching

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