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Signa Machuca's avatar Signa Machuca
Los Angeles, California
We do not recognize what we have received until we give it.
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Chad Eschman's avatar Chad Eschman
Los Angeles, California
Writer. Performing Artist. Cocktail Geek.
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Marnie Goodfriend's avatar Marnie Goodfriend
Los Angeles, California
Me too.
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Stephen Black's avatar Stephen Black
Bandung, Indonesia
Data and heart stuff. Yeah.
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Bo Liebman's avatar Bo Liebman
West Hollywood, California
Writer, filmmaker, artist, and music junkie seeking the creative dream in California
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Allison Hurd's avatar Allison Hurd
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Author. Law stylist. Sangria slayer.
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Sofia Pelligrini's avatar Sofia Pelligrini
Brussels, Belgium
I love love. I fear fear. I chocolate chocolate.
Chris Boyle's avatar Chris Boyle
San Clemente, California
I'm driving through one life into another and if you're the center of your universe, you'll be lonely.
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Sarah Wickham's avatar Sarah Wickham
Eagle Rock, California
Powered by Tootsie Rolls.
Chris Ryall's avatar Chris Ryall
San Diego, California
I make comics and comic-related accessories, and generally attempt to manipulate words to do my bidding as best I can.
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Ross Ingram's avatar Ross Ingram
Los Angeles, California
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César Montesinos's avatar César Montesinos
Panama City, Panama
The entire ocean in a drop.
Catherine Rector's avatar Catherine Rector
Ghent, Belgium
Perhaps one of the most generous and challenging things we can do is imagine others complexly.
Claire Williams's avatar Claire Williams
Fort Worth, Texas
Believes strongly in the healing power of mashed potatoes.
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Scott Small's avatar Scott Small
Brooklyn, New York
I want to believe.
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Anthony Ramirez's avatar Anthony Ramirez
Houston, Texas
If missing, check the bar or the Olive Garden. Or the Olive Garden bar.
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Randy Wilson's avatar Randy Wilson
Asbury Park, New Jersey
Your heaviest artillery will be your will to live. Keep that big gun going.
Joy Treganowan's avatar Joy Treganowan
Whitmore Lake, Michigan
Please come in, have some food, and make yourself at home.
Arabella DeLucco's avatar Arabella DeLucco
San Francisco, California
Self-proclaimed imaginational genius with moments of brilliance.
Kayleigh Palmer's avatar Kayleigh Palmer
Los Angeles, California
Sagittarius Sun, Libra Moon, Capricorn Rising.
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Mathieu Cailler's avatar Mathieu Cailler
Los Angeles, California
Thought “Anonymous” was the name of a famous poet until the age of ten.
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Josh Fingerhut's avatar Josh Fingerhut
Los Angeles, California
Pocketwatch aficionado. Pun-maker. High-fiver. Hopeful nihilist.
Milena Kojović's avatar Milena Kojović
Kragujevac, Serbia
I wear my sunglasses at night.
Meghan Leone's avatar Meghan Leone
Los Angeles, California
A lone wolf en la ciudad de ángeles
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Jessica Porter's avatar Jessica Porter
Los Angeles, California
Obsessed by words
Julie Townsend Maigret's avatar Julie Townsend Maigret
Los Angeles, California
Recovering optimist. Failure of a pessimist.
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Jamie Glowacki's avatar Jamie Glowacki
Providence, Rhode Island
Speak your truth, even if your voice shakes.
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Michele Svengsouk's avatar Michele Svengsouk
Los Angeles, California
Call me by my dream name.
Tyson Schrader's avatar Tyson Schrader
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
The record shows I took the blows and did it my way.
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Vinko Tomasic's avatar Vinko Tomasic
Cape Town, South Africa
I live a rich life filled with poor decisions.
Sarah O'Mahony's avatar Sarah O'Mahony
Cork, Ireland
Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back.
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Simon Black's avatar Simon Black
Los Angeles, California
It’s not just a record, it's my way of life.
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Brian Barganier's avatar Brian Barganier
Hartford, Connecticut
Writing is the only time I can feel whole and completely clueless at once.
Laura Freeman's avatar Laura Freeman
Navan, Ireland
Not all heroes wear capes, some just hold the door.
Erin Raimondo's avatar Erin Raimondo
Vancouver, Canada
Reasonably clever girl; probably not a velociraptor.
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Priya Bhargava's avatar Priya Bhargava
Noida, India
Maintaining my charm in the face of injustice.
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Cristina Sanza's avatar Cristina Sanza
New York, New York
A friend once described me as a black cat going down a Slip’N Slide.
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B.E. Howard's avatar B.E. Howard
Los Angeles, California
A lot on my mind.
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Laura Rose Reed's avatar Laura Rose Reed
Denver, Colorado
Combine a girlhood of reading fanfiction with a bachelor’s degree in history. Stir well.
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Martyn V. Halm's avatar Martyn V. Halm
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Suspense novelist with a checkered past and an uncertain future.
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Heather Law's avatar Heather Law
West Palm Beach, Florida
To acquire knowledge, one must study; but to acquire wisdom, one must observe.
Nick Rallo's avatar Nick Rallo
Dallas, Texas
It doesn’t have to be a big fire.
Eric Turner's avatar Eric Turner
Albany, New York
When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.
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Rob Santos's avatar Rob Santos
New Britain, Connecticut
I'm just a beige man trying to be a black man in a white man's world.
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Maxim Beeching's avatar Maxim Beeching
Atlanta, Georgia
If you can see it, you can draw it.
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Christopher Lee's avatar Christopher Lee
Dawsonville, Georgia
Stories are windows to the mind.
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Anne Palmer's avatar Anne Palmer
Salt Spring Island, Canada
Living the dream on my own terms.
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Steve Ausburne's avatar Steve Ausburne
Santa Rosa, California
In pursuit of the perfect midlife crisis.
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Joseph Bien-Kahn's avatar Joseph Bien-Kahn
Oakland, California
The desert's quiet, Cleveland's cold / And so the story ends we're told...
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Jennifer Nye's avatar Jennifer Nye
Manchester, Connecticut
Always be a little kinder than necessary.
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Ariana Katz's avatar Ariana Katz
Los Angeles, California
Being playful is very serious business.
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Laura Ridyr's avatar Laura Ridyr
Denver, Colorado
Always looking forward, even when looking back.
Vrai Kaiser's avatar Vrai Kaiser
Somewhere, Earth
Queer author and pop culture blogger, entirely too obsessed with cartoons and Herbert West.
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Debra Kahn's avatar Debra Kahn
Atlanta, Georgia
Creative writer, music lover, event planner, hippie in remission.
Emily King's avatar Emily King
Los Angeles, California
George Harrison is my spirit animal.
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Belinda Gosbee's avatar Belinda Gosbee
Los Angeles, California
Do you have anything other than drip coffee?
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Sean Harrington's avatar Sean Harrington
Atlanta, Georgia
Rock 'n Roll guru. Dyed-in-the-wool southerner. Classic car enthusiast.
Ben Bagamery's avatar Ben Bagamery
Seoul, South Korea
Feel free to chill or feel free to change.
Calley Nye's avatar Calley Nye
Los Angeles, California
Recovering comedian, voracious reader, and founding member of the championship pub trivia team, Rob & The Lowe Expectations.
Rob Maigret's avatar Rob Maigret
Los Angeles, California
I'm just happy to be here.
Asa Beal's avatar Asa Beal
Los Angeles, California
Everyone has a story. Tell it well.
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Tonya Smith's avatar Tonya Smith
Aurora, Colorado
Gamer, bookworm, toker, science fiction enthusiast, and all-around nerd.
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Arka Ray's avatar Arka Ray
Los Angeles, California
Building fun things while waiting for Cthulhu to rise again.
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