Tinley Collective

Tinley Collective

The Tinley Collective was founded on the belief that medicating should be done with products that are healthy, delicious and in harmony with mainstream lifestyles. Our liquid ingestibles come in many flavors and do not involve inhalation or exposure to others. Like their alcoholic counterparts, our products are best enjoyed with friends and family.

Our mission is to enable patients to medicate with high-quality products that are similar to familiar, classic drinks so that users can integrate them into familiar daily routines. We are hoping to grow our membership with patients who share our vision and can support our mission.

The Tinley ’27 brand pays homage to the year 2727 BC, which is the year of the earliest recorded use of medical cannabis. It also is a tip of the hat to 1927, which is the year prohibition ended in Ontario, Canada, resulting in many alcoholic brands that endure throughout North America to this day, and where the idea for the Tinley product line was originally conceived.

The Tinley Collective is dedicated to providing its members with the highest levels of service pursuant to the Compassionate Use Act and Medical Marijuana Program Act (Health & Safety Code §§ 11362.5, et seq.).

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