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We like to combine great short stories
with innovative visuals.

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What are we looking for?

We love original art and photography that reflects the deep emotion of a story. This could be your interpretation of the story as a whole, a particular moment in it that resonated with you, a reference to a product or bit of pop culture contained therein, or even something completely abstract.

The key word is original.

Image Guidelines

  • Vision

    We are looking for artists with bold and original ideas that complement the stories that we publish on Popularium. Go ahead and read our stories to find those that you connect with best. Then send us samples of your work and a list of which stories resonated with you, explaining why you were drawn to each.

  • Symbiotic Relationship

    Art and story have a symbiotic relationship on Popularium. They are partners that enhance one another. Sometimes the image is a literal depiction of a moment in a story, other times it is a visual that helps express an emotion or mood.

  • Collaboration

    We work diligently to match the right artist with the right stories. Once we decide to partner up, you must be willing to work closely with our creative team to produce a high quality image that fits with the selected story.

  • Submissions

    Forward your submissions in whatever medium best expresses your personal vision. What is important is that you have passion for the artwork you create. We welcome all styles and techniques. That said, please send submissions in digital format, preferably in the form of a link to your portfolio site.

  • Express Yourself

    It is better to send us a few examples of your best work than many examples of work that might be less than stellar. The examples you submit should clearly express your personal style. We are open to all experience levels.

Submit your work

If there is a particular story that resonates with you and you are interested in submitting your artwork for it, we'd love to know.

Please fill out the submission form here.

Have a story you want to tell?

If you’d prefer to submit an original idea, first contact our short story team to work with an editor and have your story published on Popularium.

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