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We are currently accepting early submissions for the Popularium Real Films Festival

Submit with Entry Deadline 9/30/2017

Calling all filmmakers

We believe that visionary filmmakers like you can transform Popularium stories into short films that will not only be entertaining but will be at the forefront of changing our cultural landscape.

Love & Smash Bros. is a short film based on a story by Popularium Storyteller Tonya Smith. The intention is to reflect the universal themes of parenthood, the challenges of overcoming discrimination, the need to blow off steam, and the power of teamwork — all through one night playing of the popular Nintendo game Smash Bros: Brawl.

What is a Popularium short film?

  • Short and sweet

    Like our written work, our films strike quickly and efficiently. Our stories should translate into less than 10 minutes of screentime. Multi-part stories will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

  • Elements

    These short films should be engaging, heartfelt, and to the point. We recommend that filmmakers like you find the heart, the thoughtfulness, and the visceral nature of the written story — one that you connect with and can confidently translate into an original short. The main question to ask yourself is "Why would someone care about this film?"

  • Story of Influence

    Our works are always about our authentic connection with a brand or product. We're consumers, and there is no shame in that. We have relationships with products and brands throughout our lives. These are our narratives about those connections, and the key is to always be as authentic as possible in the portrayal of them, whether in print or on film.

  • Voice of Authority

    We must show that we are familiar with the subject matter and have a passion for it. Our stories are about lots of different experiences and will translate to film in many ways. The commonalities must be authenticity and demonstrated expertise around the subject matter.

How to Submit

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  4. Funding
  5. Festival

We’ve chosen FilmFreeway as our submission platform. There you will submit your reels, along with pitches of your interpretations of existing Popularium stories. More information is available at FilmFreeway.

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Have a story you want to tell?

If you’d prefer to submit an original idea, first contact our short story team to work with an editor and have your story published on Popularium.

Only published stories are eligible to be pitched for short films.

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