Words have great power

Reading requires us to pay attention — to visualize, to grasp, and to connect with what we are reading.

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Our stories

  • Short and sweet

    There can be nothing quite as powerful as a great short story — 1,000 words, to be specific. That's our magic number. This number forces us to choose our words wisely.

  • Elements

    Stories should be interesting. Not just to the writer, because it happened to them, but to the reader. They should aim to hit others in three places: the brain, the heart, and the crotch. And they should have stakes. As Storytellers, we should ask ourselves, "Why should anyone give a shit about this?" and write accordingly.

  • Story of Influence

    Our stories are always about our real connections with a brand or product. We're consumers, and there is no shame in that. We have relationships with products and brands throughout our lives. These are our stories about those connections, and the key is to always be as authentic as possible in the portrayal of them, whether in print or on film.

  • Voice of Authority

    Our readers must trust that we are familiar with the subject matter and have a passion for it. Our stories are about lots of different experiences and influence readers in lots of different ways, so we need to make sure we know what we're talking about. Readers can sniff out dishonest intentions, so voices of authority should always be truthful.


  1. Submit a story idea
  2. Review & discuss
  3. Working drafts
  4. Editor's final draft
  5. Published story

We try to keep our process as simple as possible while still ensuring that your story has all the elements that make it right for Popularium. We typically collaborate with our Storytellers on anywhere from 2-5 drafts before we arrive at a final draft and publish the story.

We get to know our Storytellers, and consider them partners and friends - and hope that they feel the same way about us.

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