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Allison Hurd
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Author. Law stylist. Sangria slayer.

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About Allison

I am fascinated by trust. Such a small thing, and yet it has the power to transform, inspire, and betray. I love stories that explore the faith we put in our fellow humans, and what keeps us connected. In my book series, The Summoner Sisters, I explore these ideas through family and supernatural mishaps. However in my legal practice, the only trust I encourage exploring is the kind that aids end of life and succession planning. Perhaps that cynicism is what makes normal people trust so fascinating.

When I’m not working on my own creations or practicing law, I’m editing for others, reading, or sometimes asleep.

Stories by Allison

Geeking Out | Or, how I found nirvana at PAX East
Geeking Out
Or, how I found nirvana at PAX East

I’ve been hiding for my entire life, but that’s about to end.