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Arabella DeLucco
San Francisco, California

Self-proclaimed imaginational genius with moments of brilliance.

About Arabella

I’m a writer, filmmaker, and transformer. Less like the robots, more like the electromagnetic conductors. My energy is effusive and as a natural enthusiast, I like to share (real or imaginary) experiences with others.

Along with my creative endeavors, I’m building a nonprofit that empowers teens underrepresented in American media to make narrative short films based on their true stories. I immigrated to the U.S. from the Philippines when I was 5 and spent 17 years (not really) growing up in New Jersey.

I’m now “adulting” in San Francisco with my husband, Mike. In my free time, I’m a hobby chef and wino. No pets or kids yet, but I do have stuffed animals who talk.

Stories by Arabella

Don't Shoot Chopin | The perfect drink to toast yourself
Don't Shoot Chopin
The perfect drink to toast yourself

In the mirror, I’m a barely recognizable 98 pounds — “Olsen-twin chic” as I call it. But there’s nothing chic about this at all. I’ve been self-destructive, chasing pretenses of glamour — and for what? I’m disgusted with myself.