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Brian Barganier
Hartford, Connecticut

Writing is the only time I can feel whole and completely clueless at once.

About Brian

I’m a stand-up comedian that travels all over the United States performing my brand of seemingly careless dirty humor. I’m also a writer for various other mediums.

A Connecticut native, my style runs along the edge of conventional and alternative comedy. Although I am seen as being morbid or crude sometimes, I always manage to pull a 180 and find the funny in topics that sometimes seem untouchable.

Stories by Brian

Pinky Rings & Chevys | Keep on truckin'
Pinky Rings & Chevys
Keep on truckin'

There are a few of us having a fancy meal and drinking a douchey French rosé called Ruse le Douche, talking about how dissecting comedy is awful. It’s the show’s host, the playwright, my girlfriend, and myself. I should have gotten more stoned.