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César Montesinos
Panama City, Panama

The entire ocean in a drop.

About César

I’ve always been a curiosity-driven person, even as a child, and the best way I found to quench the thirst was by reading. However, as the books began to pile up, another itch set in. That’s when I started writing, 9 years ago.

It’s been a journey. I’ve moved away from my home country of Venezuela, met wonderful new people, visited different places and I want to share the experiences that have left an impact in my life. I’m a student living in Panama with a lot of ideas to develop.

Stories by César

No Match For Her | The Queen of confidence
No Match For Her
The Queen of confidence

She takes hold of her ebony Queen. I can’t help but admire the piece, its intricate details standing out against the contrasting background of her pale skin. “I can’t believe you gave up your advantage,” she says. She knew what I was going to do before I did it. It’s like she can see my future. But I can’t see hers.