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Chris Ryall
San Diego, California

I make comics and comic-related accessories, and generally attempt to manipulate words to do my bidding as best I can.

About Chris

California native Chris Ryall was born with a comic book in his hand and raised on a steady diet of Stan Lee’s comic creations, Hardy Boys mysteries, and Twilight Zone episodes, among many other pop culture obsessions. After spending years as a writer of commercials, training video scripts, and corporate speeches, Chris entered the comic field as IDW Publishing’s Editor-in-Chief in 2004 and took over as IDW’s Chief Creative Officer in 2010.

In the intervening years, Chris has co-created multiple comic-book properties, including: Zombies vs. Robots, which has been in feature development by Sony Pictures since 2010; the alien conspiracy-themed Groom Lake; the zombies-and-aliens-themed The Colonized; the pleasantly dystopian, futuristic series The Hollows; the hard-sci-fi adventure String Divers; and the science fiction series Onyx. He has also written new mystery stories based on Douglas Adams’s Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency (now a TV series on BBC America) and Joss Whedon’s Angel (once a TV series on The WB); and written comics in collaboration with — or based on the works of — Stephen King, Richard Matheson, Clive Barker, and, uh, the rock band Kiss.

In addition to his daily duties as IDW’s CCO, he also writes the ongoing series Rom, the Space Knight. On the prose front, he has published stories of supernatural noir, Norse mythology, and more zombies fighting more robots; and has co-authored a nonfiction book about comics, Comic Books 101. Chris has been nominated for an Eisner Award for comic book writing; won a Stan Lee award for Best Editor; and been ranked in the upper half of Bleeding Cool magazine’s “The 100 Most Powerful People in Comics” every year since its inception.

Chris lives in San Diego with two females and two felines.

Stories by Chris

The Way It All Began | Cosmic rays!
The Way It All Began
Cosmic rays!

They can never love this one the way I do.