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Claire Williams
Fort Worth, Texas

Believes strongly in the healing power of mashed potatoes.

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About Claire

I’m one of those millennials who has tried about ten different careers before finally landing on the right one. These days, I build websites and write articles about geeky stuff, which makes me pretty happy. The Huffington Post once called me “The Theorist that was Promised,” which basically means I’m extremely good at making up elaborate theories wrapped in only the highest quality tinfoil.

I have two kids under the age of 9, so spare time is a luxury — but what little I do have, I spend reading, playing WoW, crocheting, or leading a Girl Scout troop of 30+ girls into the wilds of Texas.

Stories by Claire

Strong As Sansa | A song of porcelain and steel
Strong As Sansa
A song of porcelain and steel

I’m not Arya. I’m Sansa. Many GRRM readers hate her; she’s stupid and naive. She is used as a pawn by everyone. But I understand and love Sansa deeply, because her story is my own.