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Erin Raimondo
Vancouver, Canada

Reasonably clever girl; probably not a velociraptor.

About Erin

As someone who spent more time with books than with people during their formative years, it’s probably unsurprising that I make my living through writing in some form or another.

A degree in English Lit and only somewhat improved social skills find me at this point in my life: working in communications where I write for primarily for others, and then finding places like this one where I write primarily for myself. When not writing, I can generally be counted on to be somewhere with a drink in my hand, potentially playing some music or wandering through a forest. Maybe both.

Stories by Erin

Neat & Dirty | Whisky lover’s persona number one
Neat & Dirty
Whisky lover’s persona number one

I ran the glass over my lips, spreading the burn of the lingering liquid, and pulled out a black sweater that would be demure if not for the particular interplay between its semi-deep V and my own advantages.