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Jamie Glowacki
Providence, Rhode Island

Speak your truth, even if your voice shakes.

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Hand-standing, gum-chewing, glitter-throwing Truth-teller. Published author, social worker, circus performer. Single, homeschooling mom. Professional badass. Beautiful Disaster.

I’ve had 4 full careers in my almost 5 decades on the planet. I could say this is due my undying curiosity. But it’s really ‘cause I resist all labels and boxes. The book I’m pretty famous for was a complete organic accident. It’s Oh Crap Potty Training. I’ve literally built a career out of poop. So any other excuses are now rendered invalid.

My latest mission is to unite all the badass unicorns in the world. Cause the revolution will not be available to binge watch on Netflix.

Stories by Jamie

So Unusual | The art of giving zero f*cks
So Unusual
The art of giving zero f*cks

Even in the world of don’t-offend parenting, I got as far as I did because I tell the fucking truth. I might have the only parenting book to regularly drop the f-bomb. My entire brand is built on being not-blend-in-able.