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Joy Treganowan
Whitmore Lake, Michigan

Please come in, have some food, and make yourself at home.

About Joy

I am the typical Midwesterner who has never really gone much further than my “Shire.” If you met me on the street you would guess my life in 5 seconds: wife, mom, job, 2 dogs, house, minivan (well, Ford Flex). And you’d be right on. But I am also the kid whose dad said, “Get your head out of the clouds” but could never quite find my way back down. So when I’m at my computer at work buying commodities for Ford Motor Company, which I love, I’m also dreaming of new ideas and ways to make the job better, or what I should put on my white board, or what book I want to read next.

I’m proud that I work for Ford, that I raised (and am raising) three awesome, creative kids, that I have a husband who could not be kinder or more supportive. But I’m also proud of being the aunt who can do cartwheels. What matters most to me is that children love coming to my house and cry when their parents tell them it’s time to go home.

Stories by Joy

The Crown On 53 | A Motor City love story
The Crown On 53
A Motor City love story

He pleads with God for answers — something to ease Charlotte’s suffering. His fingers drum nervously on the wheel as he pulls up to the church. He sits for a minute. Finally, he kills the engine.