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Laura Freeman
Navan, Ireland

Not all heroes wear capes, some just hold the door.

About Laura

I hail from the wintery depths of a small North Atlantic island called Ireland. After studying culture and heritage in college, where I won an award for writing about a murderer, I decided to pursue her passion in equine veterinary nursing.

I enjoy long jogs through the mud, chasing rainbows, and double negatives. Claim to be not averse to the odd alcoholic beverage or five. My heroes are David Attenborough and Brian Cox, and I find the word ‘spelunking’ to be magnificent.

In hibernation for most of the year, I emerge for brief periods clutching a very large coffee mug. I’m known to be dangerous unless that mug is filled. Approach with the utmost caution.

Stories by Laura

Two Notes | The sound of life
Two Notes
The sound of life

I follow the jangling, frenetic music, conducting along with my hands, punctuating the heavy bass notes. The song feels like descending into a well of insanity, into chaos, and I’m glad.