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Priya Bhargava
Noida, India

Maintaining my charm in the face of injustice.

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About Priya

Besides being the India’s Miss Wheelchair 2015 winner, I am by nature a creative person who loves to explore every aspect of life. In the midst of losing circumstances, I make a habit of winning. Never say die is my spirit.

I live in Noida, India. Professionally, I am a mathematics tutor and an artist. For my hobbies, I practice art, poetry, storytelling, photography, design, philosophy, and philanthropy. I believe that life is a onetime offer; we must use it well.

Stories by Priya

A Bollywood Ending | Armed with nothing but kindness
A Bollywood Ending
Armed with nothing but kindness

I know firsthand everything that the character Vidya went through. The thing is, the men in real life rarely measure up to Bollywood’s chivalrous heroes.