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Randy Wilson
Asbury Park, New Jersey

Your heaviest artillery will be your will to live. Keep that big gun going.

About Randy

I’m a musician from Asbury Park, New Jersey, born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. A dreamer, a gamer, a shadow in this carnival called life.

I play in a punk/ska band as well as produce hip-hop and electronica/industrial music. In my spare time between work, composing and raising a family, I’m an avid Steam gamer.

At my core, I am a thinker, and am often drawn to strategies, and enjoy such entertainment as board games and video games that require thought. I’ve been a Nintendo fan for ages, but I find myself mostly gaming on Steam these days. Admittedly, I am an easy sell for a good post-apocalypse game.

Stories by Randy

Decisions Of Space & Time | When life is Life Is Strange
Decisions Of Space & Time
When life is Life Is Strange

There’s that disorienting feeling again, and Dane and I are walking home from school. I remember this day well. The school bully, Mike, is following us. I know what happens next.