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Richard Andreoli
Los Angeles, California

Dreams die; it’s what you do when you wake up that matters.

About Richard

I don’t like talking about myself unless I’ve had a drink or ten; it’s the recovering Catholic in me. That said, I majored in English Literature with an emphasis in Creative Writing from UCLA and graduated Magna Cum Laude.

I am now an author, editor, and screenwriter living in Los Angeles. I’ve interviewed celebrities for magazines and websites, reviewed restaurants and high-end travel destinations, and created marketing content for everything from Lexus to Star Trek, Barbie Collector to Skyy Spirits. I’ve even written bitchy dialogue for Morgan Fairchild and Bo Derek.

I published a book in 2004, have launched multiple pop-culture websites, and both Jennifer Garner and Margot Kidder complimented my biceps. I currently run the creative team for an online marketing firm.

Stories by Richard

And Then They Came | Avoiding the Lasso of Truth
And Then They Came
Avoiding the Lasso of Truth

But there was one thing more powerful than my love of Wonder Woman — my 21-year-old dick — so we fucked.