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I am an award-winning technologist known for my work launching category-defining consumer products.

I have shipped over two million personal robots around the world while working at Sphero alongside the Star Wars and Disney brands. My contributions to advancing technology and STEM in the classroom have been recognized by leaders in education, including President Barack Obama, Apple, and the National Science Foundation. More recently I spent time at the Advanced Technologies & Projects (ATAP) lab focused on redefining the way Google builds, sells, and markets hardware. My work has been covered by countless media outlets such as the Wall St. Journal, Fast Company, CNET, AdWeek, and The Huffington Post.

In work and in life I present myself as an uncompromising renegade devoted to further advancing the relationship between humans and machines. I am currently working on an unannounced project in LA.

Stories by Ross

Games Without Frontiers | All your base are belong to us
Games Without Frontiers
All your base are belong to us

This isn’t a vault job. I don’t have to scale the fortress walls or suspend myself from the ceiling. I simply stroll into the computer lab.