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Simon Black
Los Angeles, California

It’s not just a record, it's my way of life.

About Simon

Since childhood, I’ve been engulfed by the idea of being the ultimate artist, a savant whose work was priceless and immortal. I’m a published songwriter and composer of music for 7” records, cassettes, and scores with Euro and U.S. distribution garnering praise from music critics.

I am an enthusiast and student of music styles from Blues, Boogie Woogie, Rock ‘n Roll, Garage, and Jazz from 1920-70s. As a music promoter, I’ve worked with and booked some of the top underground ‘50s-‘60s influenced Rock ‘n Roll/Garage/Punk bands. I love reading classical literature such as Wilde, Voltaire, Breton, Rimbaud, Corso, Dostoyevsky, Gibran, and Cervantes.

Have always loved collaborating with other writers as in my creative writing group known as Zolism based on Beat, Surrealism, and Dadaism. Currently writing a book of poetry and recording an LP for my brand new musical project, Bronzy. Lover of dandelions, lush clouds, and romance.

Stories by Simon

It Takes A Fire To Melt An Iceberg | The riot goes on
It Takes A Fire To Melt An Iceberg
The riot goes on

My dad tells me to get the Kingsford lighter fluid which they use to marinate the CDs and tapes. Then they ask if I have anything to say. I just stand there silently. Then, with a drop of a match, our music is transformed into melted notes.