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Vinko Tomasic
Cape Town, South Africa

I live a rich life filled with poor decisions.

About Vinko

After my tumultuous high school years, I got a degree in scriptwriting and editing from AFDA in Cape Town, South Africa. I spent a year working in reality television, and soon realized that the editing room is where dreams go to die.

I moved on to freelance work, mainly writing, editing and brand management, and spent my weekends getting tipsy and making bad decisions. I became a copywriter afterwards, figuring that we all have to sell our souls at some point and I should at least try get a good deal for mine. After distinguishing myself in online e-commerce and marketing I decided to resign and focus on writing full-time, which has been surprisingly successful for my ‘struggling artist’ persona.

I currently live in Cape Town, I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy some success in fiction and script writing. I still make plenty bad decisions on weekends.

Stories by Vinko

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