Popularium Games

Popularium Games

Popularium is creating genre-bending games on its proprietary platform, anchored by our flagship title, Chaos Engine, a multiplayer strategy game—designed by Magic: The Gathering creator Richard Garfield and fellow Magic designer George “Skaff” Elias—that pits 60+ unique heroes in a chaotic battle for primacy.

Chaos Engine is only the first of many Popularium games—we are working with developers who are building innovative gaming experiences powered by the Popularium Platform.

Popularium is growing fast, and we’re committed to forming vibrant communities alongside each of the experiences that our gaming platform enables.

Please check in on our Careers page if you want to join our growing team!

Chaos Engine Early Art Exploration

Our art team has already started exploring the look and feel of some of Chaos Engine‘s character designs. Below is a preview of one of our very early concept explorations.

As we progress through the development process, the art style has continued to evolve. Here’s a preview of another iteration of our art exploration.

The Chaos Engine Simulator

The Chaos Engine Simulator

We have completed our Chaos Engine Simulator, a key milestone that allows us to play complete game loops to refine our design. Our team will be digging in over the next couple months to test and hone the design of the game.

We are excited for you to join us! We believe building with a community of passionate gamers like ourselves creates better experiences. We call gamers who are really interested in game development Gamer-Developers or Gamer-Devs. We welcome your participation; the more, the merrier. What Chaos will you discover with us?

Join our Discord beta to receive updates to our Gamer-Dev and early access programs early next year.

Popularium Platform

Popularium Platform

The Popularium Platform powers Chaos Engine and other games being developed by the Popularium Team and enables every gamer to fully own and control their very own, dedicated, high-powered “gaming rig in the cloud”.

Every Popularium game runs on the gamer’s “virtual gaming rig”—or Popularium Vault—and connects with other Popularium Vaults to create decentralized, p2p networks that lets the gamer play Chaos Engine and other Popularium games, as well as interact with other players outside the games via metagame experiences such as transacting valuable in-game assets.

This means that every Popularium gamer will enjoy games being run by their own super-powered gaming rig, on any device that they own—a PC, a tablet, or even a phone, without having to dish out thousands of dollars on the latest gaming PC hardware or consoles.

Stay tuned for many more details about the Popularium Platform as it’s rolled out along with Chaos Engine.