Chaos is Coming

Chaos is Coming

What started as a seed has germinated into an incredible story of planets, races, and mythology.

The World is a Playground: The Philosophy Driving Popularium

Popularium was founded by a team who share a common belief — that games should be fun and built in concert with the community. We go where our team knows the fun is buried and work with our community to unearth the joyful heart of a new game. Our quest for fun has led us to create not just games but new genres of games. Magic: The Gathering brought TCGs to the world, Hearthstone set the standard for digital card games, Xbox Live connected gamers on consoles — and PCs — together for the first time.

Today, the entire world is the gamer’s playground. Gaming is the fastest growing sector of the entertainment industry. Rapid expansion and a plethora of choices in the manner and scope of gaming experiences are wresting power from the hands of studios, who once had unlimited control over which games to produce, build, and distribute, and placing this power in the hands of gamers. Gamers have the tools, time, and network access to play, experience, watch, and even build games their way. Streaming platforms have become global hubs of community, uniting — and activating — legions of audiences. Gamers are pushing the boundary of user generated content which blurs the line between fan and creator.

Gaming’s future lies in gamer empowerment, and empowering gamers through fun, innovative, and evolutionary games and experiences is Popularium’s mission.

Popularium Stories

Popularium is comprised of dreamers from across the gaming, entertainment, and tech worlds — all of whom are passionate about gaming and storytelling in all their forms.

Our love of games is about more than the engaging, momentary entertainment they can offer. We also appreciate gameplay for offering rich, valuable experiences that transport us to fantastic new worlds.

Just as well-developed game worlds provide stories that help us make sense of the seeming chaos of the real world, we in turn want to offer story-driven games that help others create meaningful experiences of their own.

As a way to introduce ourselves and our community, we’re happy to share some of our stories that dive into our collective love of gaming, and reveal the motivations behind the games and experiences we are building at Popularium.